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Obituary for Linda Louise Nemeth

Linda's life-story is a legacy of love. Born Linda Louise Bennett on October 13, 1943, in Dallas, Texas, to parents Dorothy and Dean Bennett, she was an only child who was nurtured in an atmosphere of respect and love. Her mother provided a wonderful example of graceful femininity and her father was the good-provider and protector. Her uncle and aunt, Charlie and Sally, viewed little Linda as their own and further provided her with loving care and a beautiful wardrobe of dresses and other finery.

Linda attended St. Bernard's Catholic Elementary School and then graduated to attend Our Lady of Victory High School. Both the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur imbued Linda with the highest moral standards and with the spirit of generosity. For her junior and senior years, Linda attended Woodrow Wilson High School also in Dallas. She often remarked about the high caliber of her teachers there, and she was extremely popular among both teachers and students for her winning smile and outgoing personality.

After high school, Linda worked at a variety of jobs but later was able to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a registered nurse. Linda attended the TCC School of Nursing and excelled at her courses earning straight A's for all. Her graduation marked a joyous achievement for her and she was eager to begin this new career which embraced several assignments each with its own new challenges: RN at Osteopathic Medical Center, Staff RN and Charge Nurse at All Saints Hospital's med-surg floor, Staff RN II at Charlton Methodist Hospital's med-surg/ telemetry floor, RN at Zale Lipshy University Hospital's neuro-ortho floor, and then RN at Fort Worth Endoscopy-Colonscopy Center. At all of her assignments, Linda was proclaimed for her compassionate and skillful caring of her patients and she was respected highly by her colleagues and by physicians.

At one point, she met her future husband, Stephen Nemeth, and the two were married. For each one, it was truly love-at-first-sight. Their marriage was marked by a profound mutual respect and by a support of each other's careers in nursing and in teaching. The couple enjoyed thirty years of married life living first in Fort Worth and for the past twenty years in Cedar Hill where Linda was loved by her neighbors for her goodness.

Linda and Stephen had no children of their own but did focus their attention of their "fur-babies." For many years they were involved in animal-rescue and sheltered a plethora of dogs and cats. Because of their particular fondness for the aged ones, their veterinarian joked and asked them to stop bringing him so many "antique animals."

Although Linda and Stephen lived in Cedar Hill, much of their time was spent in Midlothian, Texas. They made many dear friends both at Caroline's Restaurant and at Kim and Jenny's Restaurant. The owners and staff, as well as many of the customers at Kim and Jenny's have become dear friends who were very supportive during the last several years when Linda suffered from Alzheimer's disorder. Linda and Stephen endured this cross with their help and also with the help of Bristol Pathways Hospice, agency Home Instead, and sister-in-law Ann Evanko and her husband Andrew. Throughout this difficult time, the daily prayers of the Carmelite Nuns of Arlington strengthened the couple as well. Linda's passing was at home in the presence of her loving husband on Wednesday evening, January 26, 2022. Everyone who knew Linda is confident that God's Angels bore her sweet soul swiftly to the Heavenly Kingdom, a fitting reward for a life lived with such great love.

* A Funeral Mass will be held Thursday, February 10th at 7:00pm at Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington.

* The Memorial Service will be held Friday, February 11th at Midlothian Funeral Home at 6:00pm followed by the Visitation at 7:00pm - 8:00pm.